My Identity

This is my story. I hope you like it.


Click on the link to read  Mirror Image, a short story about identity. You will be working on it next week.

I. Fill in the blanks while listening.

II. Watch the end of this episode to see what name their friends gave to their baby.

III. Click on LISTEN to listen to the news about Baby Names and complete the True False Exercise. Listen again to fill in the missing words.If you want, click on Online Quiz to practice more.

LISTEN: MP3 (2:00 – 963KB)


a. People in Britain have the strangest names in the world. T / F
b. People were either born with strange names or married into them. T / F
c. One woman in a report was named Barbed Wire. T / F
d. The report says parents need to think more carefully about names. T / F
e. The article says parents who wake up early choose better names. T / F
f. Lots of people name their children after movie stars and singers. T / F
g. The report suggested teachers have to try not to smile at some names. T / F
h. The banker Rob Mee and the lawyer Sue Mee are married. T / F

2. SYNONYM MATCH: Match the following synonyms from the article.

1. released a. strange
2 unfortunate b. warning
3. bizarre c. well-liked
4. realized d. consequences
5. implications e. made public
6. wake-up call f. fantastic
7. popular g. peculiar
8. tremendous h. unlucky
9. hold back i. understood
10. curious . Contain

PLAY:    Online Quiz

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